Healthy Nutrition 101


Week 4 - Fiber, Sugar and Fats

Synchronous session via Elluminate:
 Recording of the synchronous session and PowerPoint will be made available after the session.
     Recording link: TBA
     PowerPoint file: Healthy Nutrition 101 - Fiber, Sugar, & Fats
    • Narrated power point highlighting benefits and effects of fiber, sugar and fat
File Size: 564 kb
File Type: pdf
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    • Activities:
      • Activity 8 - Gather 5 food labels
        • Gather 5 food labels either online or in your kitchen
        • Complete the The Real Deal on Whole Grains Worksheet (submit via Assignments in Laulima)
      • Activity 9 - Student researches a health risk of choice, post to discussion in Laulima a response to: “How the lack of or excess intake of fiber, sugar, and fat can harm the body”
      • Activity 10 - Final Project Presentation
        • Start working on final presentation, choose group members and Fast Food Venue
        • Use collaboration tools such as Google Docs and Skype to communicate and collaborate with each other