Healthy Nutrition 101


Final Project and Presentation

Synchronous session via Elluminate:
 Recording of the synchronous session and PowerPoint will be made available after the session.
     Recording link: TBA
     PowerPoint file: TBA
                o   Comparison and discussion of fast food versus fresh food (dangers, alternatives, health risks, etc.)

                 o   Reading & Viewing Materials located here and in Laulima Weekly Modules:
                             §  Optional Reading: Fast food news articles and information
                             §  Optional Video: Nutrition by Natalie
                                                 §  The Fast Food Conspiracy
                                                 §  Healthy Fast Food?
                                                 §  Worst Fast Food Items
                                                 §  Worst Non-Fast Food Items

Final Project Presentation
                 o   Final Project rubric and grading: Located below.
                 o   Complete final presentation and submit via Assignments in Laulima
                 o   Complete exit survey

Final Project Rubric
         For the Final Project you will be working in a group of 4 students of your choice.  You will be researching and analyzing fast food items as well as an alternative fresh food item.  You will be looking at fat, sugar and sodium content in the food item for both the fast food and fresh food of your choice.  You will also identify the health related risks attributed to fast foods.  After compiling all your research information and facts you will create a power point presentation to present in the final synchronous class.  Please see rubric for grading criteria.
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