Healthy Nutrition 101


Week 1 - Food Guide Pyramid

Synchronous session via Elluminate
Recording of the synchronous session and PowerPoint will be made available after the session.
     Recording link: TBA
     PowerPoint file: See Intro to Healthy Nutrition 101 file below
  • Introduction to healthy Nutrition 101
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Reading & Viewing materials located here and in Laulima Resources:
  • Activity 1 - Watch the tutorial
  • Activity 2 - Individualized Nutrition Plan
  • Activity 3 - Blog discussion #1
    • Participate in the Laulima discussion and compare your current diet to your newly created nutrition plan.
  • Activity 4 - 24-hour Food Log Journal
    • Keep a 24-hour food log journal to chart your meals and snacks. Download  the food_tracker.pdf.
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